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Trying to list and sell gear - help needed

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Hi all,

I really hope it's not just me, but I'm struggling to see how I list and sell some spectacular kiting gear on this site. I've searched and can see where, but more importantly I cannot see HOW to list my items. There's no 'create a buy/sell listing' or 'sell' button anywhere! - please advise.


Many thanks in advance.

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Hello, my first reply.

I wanted reply in the Buy & Sell section but obviusly have to few posts. The reaseon I sign in here is because I wantto reply in the topic Peter Lynn F-Arc 12 or 16 New $120. I have desperately tried to by one of these factory F-ARC 1600 for some years now chasing them on the Internet (there not common in my part of the world). Some years ago I was promised to buy one on the Arcusers forum (my name is Andreas there) but the seller got silent before a deal was set. Then I was on another forum where these kites was on topic but did not get any response. And now I see them here resonably recent and get frustrated not being able to reply or PM the seller. The seller seams really wantto get rid of them and I really wantto get hold of them.


Seams like I allways miss out in the last minute :cray:


So if someone can help me please.


Anyway I think I can do serious contribution and soon reach the 5 post limit. Just hope its not too late thou

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    • By andy666
      I had a zipper on my 16m venom 2 give up on me last week. Bloody frustrating, as it was the inflate zipper and I was about to launch 🤬. The slide was so worn out that it won’t close the teeth anymore.
      anyway, I have fitted new waterproof zips to an arc before, but they can be a bit expensive and hard to find. So I thought it was a good chance to test out a Velcro alternative.
      its basically just a short sock and Velcro opening similar to the deflates in the flysurfer kites. 
      the Velcro valves work quite well. I inflated the kite and slowly opened the Velcro. No air was escaping until it opened far enough to for the end of the sock to open.
      Sorry, no pictures before they got sewn in. But a few pointers I worked out for anyone wanting to do this mod.

      -Make the sock width about 50mm more then the zipper opening in the kite.
      - place sticky ripstop inside the kite where the zipper stitching was removed.
      - measure from the opening in the kite to the cell wall, subtract 1cm. This is how long the sock needs to be.
      -sew the sock in the direction you would use it to inflate the kite (pointing towards the centre)
      - sew a deflate valve into the trailing edge to replace the deflate zipper. 

    • By Rhys Patterson
      Asking $2000 for the lot open to reasonable offers
      Peter Lynn kite buggy
      Bomba 13 kite surfing kite
      3.6 water foil
      2.4 water foil
      2 x harness’s
      Spare lines
      Spare bar
      Replacement value over $4k
      Open to reasonable offers, this setup was amazing and I could go out in all conditions with this variety of kites.
      Don’t have time to use it any more unfortunately.
      All gear is in good working order with no issues.