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PL bars and lines

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2x old school Peter Lynn bars for sale.

1st: zero 7 bar only $60 plus postage (info below)

2nd: original Peter Lynn bar and lines $50 plus postage (info below)

or both bars for $90 plus postage


1st: Zero 7 bar only. excellent condition.

large size with adjustable width bar ends. 57cm, 62cm or 67cm





2nd: original peter Lynn bar with lines.

This is an very old school bar, that has the centre depower line running through a bracket on the bar, rather then through the bar.

The lines are in average condition, but still usable.

the bar is in good condition. 

The bar is 62cm wide.






Or I'll sell the 2 bars together for $90 plus postage.



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Yeah I suppose it would technically work with an ozone octane kite, but this kite has zero safety. There is no quick release chicken loop and no safety line.

honestly, I would feel more comfortable selling it to someone knowing they only wanted it for the lines or just the bar and were going to upgrade the rest of it.

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