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9 minutes ago, riffclown said:

So I've been having quite a bit of fun making kite tails into kites.. Many of you will recognize the first one.. Wanted to share a few others with you. Last one is still in work.

Here are also the flying vids. Enjoy.. Let me know what you think..








2017-03-13 16.33.15.jpg

Looks awesome. Great work.

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Thank you, I don't use adhesive per se.. I use masking tape to hold the shape while I sew like you would use straight pins for normal sewing.. No glue or seam tape has been used to date but I'm considering it for a current build which is of a different design..Outside of that this entire kite is shortcut after shortcut.. (And in all honesty, the angles aren't necessarily true, just "close enough") These kites fly better than they should given all the guesswork that goes into them. I'll chalk that up to luck and not skill. The design is very forgiving in the first place..

I have a few more experiments in "what can i do with just Tails?" planned before moving on to actual piecework.. The Only "not tail" material in any of these sails is the Screen which is regular door screen.. and one has a LE made out of a kite bag instead of a tail.. Most of the LE Sleeves are also the same tail material the kites are made from.. Caps bungees and Frames are either Rev, Freilein, Skyshark or FSD. Depends on the materials at hand when I build..

Not sure how much of the white I'll be keeping in this next one. The Brick pattern might be too prevalant. Planning a full sail instead of a mesh.. (actually hoping to get 4 full kites out of one 96' x 5" Transition tail. will stack them together if possible) These will probably use seam tape in an effort to keep everything very flat.


will keep you posted.. :)



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      Had a few minutes of weather break in light winds on Friday, enough time for a quick outing but not enough time for camera so before I start, keep in mind this is with light and variable winds..
      First Impressions  Nice looking Kite that not only flies like a Rev, but is a Rev.. The Springs do indeed change the wing shape and dead launch from face down is almost as easy as a standard reverse launch.  The springs did however also change some of the responsiveness in the very light wind conditions.. When accelerating a dive in multiple steps to do a dive stop, you have the load the wing (with a heavier hand) at every step and plan again for loading the wing with the dive stop. It's almost like a delayed reaction compared to my other Revs. It will float much easier than any other wing I've ever used and never "fell out of the air" even when I flew it well past the window..
      I like the larger size but inversely, dislike that I don't have multiple frame options and interchangeability with the other Revs I own.. This is a minor point but it does matter to me so thought I'd mention it.. This is a very forgiving kite that will make a difference in the novice flyer and intermediate flyer's hands...I can't speak for the Advanced Kiter or Professional's take, as I consider myself neither of those. Looking forward to more handle time with more consistent wind so I can give this wing a fair review with video to support any comments.