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Long time whitout any news from me. Now I am doing cross-skating (with poles, no kites) but yesterday I thought to try kite-cross skating. Much better with longboard. I'm have to learn skating to  have got a more complete opinion




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56 minutes ago, SoutherlyBuster said:

Noticed your long board at the start of the video is ultra narrow, why is that so? 

I don't know pros and cons for this shape. I bought it because it was short to easy turn, I didn't look its width

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3 hours ago, plummet said:

Why such short lines? long lines will get you into cleaner wind and more power. You need more power in the vid!

Thats true, low power to mountainboard. First time with the cross skating with kite, it was only an experiment to learn. With the longboard I can found a few of fun a low velocity.

I would like fly with 20m lines but the parking seem big in video but is very small. Behind the camera a traffic road, to the left an electric line. Some times I mount 10m lines. No space for more lenght

No Country for kiteland :-(


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