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Sydney new to landboarding

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Hi all,

I am new to landboarding. Have done minimal kitesurfing, and wind surfing.

Just bought a 4.5 meter kite to play around with before getting a depower kite.

What I am wondering is where evereyone does it. I found a thread from 2014, but nothing newer. 

I found a large field near Warwick Farm, but is there any beaches that people landboard on. Willing to travel to location. 


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I used to live in the Syndey region, never kited at the time, so don't know about beaches in Sydney but I know some of the Sydney kiters head south for their sessions, here are some of the locations they go to:

1 Windang beach (south of Wollongong)

2 Seven Mile beach, near Nowra, drop in to Gerroa to park your car and start from there.

The above two beaches will avoid getting into strife with crowded beaches.

And when there is no wind, take your landboard for a downhill session, find some fire trails. The Royal National Park may offer some oppertunities, it is on the southern outskirts of Syndey. Lady Carrington drive has some hills might be worth a try, I used to ride there with my push bike, it is a dirt road perfect for the landboard.



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hi joseph,

I'm not a land boarder yet!!  but I'm always up for a static session,

I live in pennant hills and have flown at Parramatta park, out Kellyville way, on the central coast beaches and parks, a dee why park,  even tried a Hornsby park (not much luck)..

I'm an unemployed bum with a busy lifestyle, so I got some time, :beach::danceparty:

plus could use some help learning to control my quad line kite, flown it 4-5 times and only stayed grounded once or twice, (guessing it probably normal) if anyone out there that feels like giving me a hand it would be greatly appreciated,,  



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Hi ;@Josephv86

Some places to try on the South side:

Salt Pand Creek Reserve - grass - Westerlies

Maianbar sand flats - Easterlies - low tide

Dolls Point sand flats - South to Easterlies - low tide - too busy most weekends & public holidays

Wanda beach - SouWest to Easterlies - low tide - section from 3km mark to Boat Harbour is best for landboarding - avoid section from Wanda carpark to 4x4 park after 4pm which is free range dog time & the 4x4 park over weekends & holidays is only for those with a death wish

If you're willing to drive a bit further then Windang and 7Mile on the South coast or Anna Bay and Hawks Nest on the North


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On 5/6/2017 at 10:48 AM, SoutherlyBuster said:

Yea that's Alex alright, can't mistake him with the funkie roller foot doodas. Got to hand it to him with all his enthusiasm. His posts  always generated a lot of pot stiring on the EK :) 

Yep, i remember reading them some time back for a little laugh.

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