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Control Bar or Handles

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Hi there,

With fixed Bridal kites, Can you use a control bar on them?

If so, which ones?

I had a static fly today with the handles and although it was fun, because it was handles, there was alot of pressure on my arms and back to control it.

If I can get a control bar, I could hook it into a harness. Hence the question.


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i am sure people will jump on this and state that you should man up and use handles with F/B.

I agree , but i fly all my F/B on an ozone turbo bar with not to much loss of feeling or control.

the bar also gives the benefit of a safety.

Mr Holgate did a good review on the bar a while ago ,use the search bar on here.

Turbo bars are not that easy to get hold of these days and you need a bit of patience to set them up

but personally i think they work well and for me its a lot more relaxed kiteing session with one.


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Thanks for that Lasrocas,

I have a 4.5m Quattro, I found that the kite wouldn't fly at all. I had to shorten the power lines all the way to the handles to get it to fly. 

So is that okay to have the strings connectwd right at the base of the handles, or should I try and get some brake line extensions?


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You can use a strop between the handles to hook into a harness or backstrap to take the weight off your arms without going to the expense of getting a bar. If you do want to use a bar then the Turbo bar is a good option. 

It's not unusual to have to adjust lines to get a kite to fly properly but I'm not sure what you mean by having the strings connected at the base of the handles Maybe upload a picture of how you've got it set up

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