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Footy Grand Final weekend 29th Sept to 1st Oct

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3 hours ago, Mez said:

We’re down but not out.

3am and the whole awning (and if you know our camper trailer, this consists of a whole entire room, just flew over the top of us and dumped itself on top of us, crushing the sleeping compartment. 

Theres us both outside in the wind trying to retrieve it all and we shall re-asses in the light. It’s blowing stronger than anything right now.

Sounds aweful Mez. Hope you and Doug are ok and nothing damaged. Take care 


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Pretty sure Nigel got in the low 80's and ChrisItaly wasn't far behind. Rob was out for a while on a 3 metre LEI and decided it was a bit hairy. I spent most of the day repairing lines that kept breaking on a 3.8 metre kite that I was struggling to stay in the buggy under.

It was very windy (30 knots plus) most of the day and gusty too:-). Unfortunately cross-on (way more cross than on but enough wind to tac your way back up the beach). fun for all! I'll let the guys post their actual speeds. 

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@igeighty (Dougie) using the 4.5m Peter Lynn Vapor.

Winds are WSW at 10.9 knots.

Rob’s somewhere off down near the Inlet with his 12m Icon Blind ‘2’



Flew the HQ Jive II this afternoon - bloody ripper @andy666. Practised my wind windows and a few double turns! 

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Well, what an interesting weekend!!

Great company. Thank you to all who made it down, even for the day.


Besides the beach, the wind is our next requirement. Well we got more than enough!! 

Friday night/Saturday morning, it blew what must have been gale force through the caravan park.

Wilson's Prom (about 25kms away) recorded a gust of 147kph, so yes it was howling.

Our camper trailer coped the brunt of the wind, as we were beside the fence that it funneled down, and the kids room was like the inside of an accordion!!

I moved the car at 4am to act as a wind break, and even occy strapped the tent pole that was taking the brunt of the wind to the cars roof rack.

We survived, the odd drop of water inside, but other than that, got to hand it to the manufacturers of our camper, she's a tuff nut to crack!! :aggressive:


As for buggying, the wind was strong, but the angle wasn't the greatest.

My first run on Saturday was the best, no tacking to return home, but the next two runs to the point needed many tacks to return.

Top speed was only 78.8 kph, with the GT, and the 6m phantom mark II.

First time I've had both out in winds that strong, so a good learning excersize.

And the 6m needs more wind, as I ran it at almost full power for the day. Or is it the fact the GT just laughs at the power?

Sunday's wind was straight down the beach, and on Monday it was looking the same again, so we headed to the Prom for a days walk.

The boys that stayed were presented with a great on shore from about 2pm, so they got a super run in.


Hope all that made it had a good time, see you again!! :hatsoff:

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I have just had an email from Neil at the Sandy Point Caravan Park. Can the person who made the group booking for Melbourne Cup weekend please contact him to cancel it or confirm with him if you need a site. His email is  sandyphpark at bigpond.com

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On 04/10/2017 at 7:20 PM, igeighty said:

had a good fly yesterday (Tuesday) on shore at around 10 knots, I was flying 5.4 m vapour rob was on his 12m IKON, he got becalmed halfway to the point I grabbed a 9m vapour and went to the rescue :)




One extreme to the other..... 35 knots to almost nothing.

would have liked to go, Saturday was my free day, but 35 knots was a bit much for a day trip, I see another weekend has been posted, hopefully then.

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