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    • By .Joel
      T-Shirts are easy to find, it seems prints and wall art is a little trickier
      Please share links to artists and places that release wall art & prints.  
      Megan, Kitesurfer & Artist living in Antigua.
      Megan's Prints: https://www.lifeofmegan.com/prints/
      Megan's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/megananxo/

      How Megan creates her drawings:
      Feel free to share any links to other people selling kite related prints.
    • By andy666
      Flysurfer have released a new(?) control bar. The Force control bar.
      Heres some pics. What are people’s thoughts?

      Complete package
      Quick Release 4.0

      Different colours?
      Short safety leash and replaceable chicken loop.
      Rumour is that Flysurfer are releasing an all new “Click” bar next session 😂
    • By .Joel
      Its been a while since seeing a Chasta snow kite video!