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News that makes you Smile...

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Discussion for News Articles that make you Smile :) 
On occassion we come across news articles that leave you no other option than to shake your head and smile.  

Today I stumbled across one where the guy proclaims to be a pastafarian.



For the past two years, Sean Corbett has been trying to get a Department of Motor Vehicles office in Arizona approve his request to wear a pasta strainer on his noggin for his licence picture — claiming it’s “religious headwear,” ABC 15 reported.

Finally, an office in Chandler, Arizona gave its blessing — and trouble soon boiled up.

State officials told Corbett that facial recognition software can’t weed out his new snap, and the ID now has to be voided.

Corbett had hoped his driver’s licence will be a huge step for all Pastafarians in the state.

“This has been this type of discrimination, and religious persecution that I’ve been going through for the last couple of years,” Corbett told ABC 15.

“The Pastafarians believe the Earth was created by an unseen flying ball of spaghetti, and the world was created in four days,” said Corbett.

“The whole premise behind Pastafarianism is you’re just supposed to enjoy life and do whatever you really need to do while being slightly intoxicated.”

Link: http://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/real-life/wtf/man-in-hot-water-for-wearing-colander-in-drivers-license-photo/news-story/211b2b9aa4da8f75c373145ac3b9cd6e


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