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    • By Mfwetu
      It seems the old saying "Speed costs money. How fast do you want to spend?" is as relevant to kites as it was to cars and bikes. For those with the need for speed and the means to achieve it Ozone are happy to help with the release of the new Chrono V3. Too much for me on both fronts but I'm sure there are others on this forum that will be itching to get their hands on one. Details on
      On a side-note, the Blizzard has vanished from the Ozone website even though a number of retailer's sites show it as "coming soon" with prices listed. The kite was announced by Ozone in October and it's still not available. Have they run into problems with production, was the media release premature and they're still struggling with design issues, or is it just a stuffup with the web page? Maybe @Kitepower Australia can shed some light?
    • By Mfwetu
      New snow kite from Gin called the Shaman. It looks like it's meant to be a replacement for  the Eskimo but interestingly it's a hybrid single skin with cells on either end to increase stability rather than a conventional foil. It certainly looks very stable in the promo videos. It's available in the same sizes as the Flysurfer Peak 3 but I doubt it will be much competition for the Peak in Australia due to the cost. It'll be interesting to see how the European riders rate it.
    • By Moroni-10
      Welcome 2017, and a Happy New  Year to all . I hope it's a windy, kite friendly , safe, accident free, injury free, year for you guys, and that you get the time to go kite when the wind is right. 👍👍😃😎🤠