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Born-Kite StreetStar

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On the facebook page of BORN KITE is a link to a new test report.
The report is unfortunately only in German language, maybe "Dingo" can translate this (that would be great).


Quote on fb:

... another test report on the StreetStar:
Many thanks to Markus (kite instructorr and owner of Cityboarding / Berlin) for the detailed test !








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I hav compared street star 6 and npw9 7;6        Nasa has more power and speed   upwind is a little batter with star       street star  would hav a better control without bar but the Y front line has to become a two lines and it reqires a dismont 

howether this ergo bar is a great improvment , so simple to use



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Very fast! We  dont hav big size street star until now

 street star has a great bar but sail position is problem i found     not always easy to put the sail where it should be and stay !

the problem may be solved with a bigger bar or a Keystone bar  




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