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Photobucket - Holding the internet to "Ransom"

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Quick version of the story, after users have been utilising the photobucket service for years they did a quiet update to their terms & conditions a few days ago and then people woke up to find their hosted images replaced with a notice that their account had been restricted / features disabled.  Even if you were a paying customer, now unless you upgrade to the $399USD/year account you can no longer share your photos on 3rd party websites.  

And this is exactly what I was discussing previously here in a Blog post in our News section....

Here's the image in place...



You can read more here: http://www.aqueous-digital.co.uk/social-media/why-is-photobucket-holding-the-internet-to-ransom 


Over the past five days, people have been waking up to find images that were previously showing on blogs, bulletin boards, auction sites and so on, had disappeared to be replaced with the Photobucket ‘P500’ error image.

One of the biggest issues, however, was that it came out of the blue. No one knew about it. There were no announcements, no emails warning people that it was about to happen and more importantly, no explanation.


A lot, and I mean a lot of older content on old websites has just disappeared throughout the internet overnight.

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Sharing pictures on forums was the only reason to use photo bucket. There will be a lot of angry and disappointed internet users across the globe.

Lets ts see if mine is still working?






Hmm, that's interesting. The only one that worked is the one I embedded as a link rather then just copy and pasting the image link from photo bucket?

Update: just tested on another forum that still uses the old [/IMG] code and works fine. Maybe they haven't got to restricting my account yet...

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That's what I like so well about this site. I don't use any third party for posting pictures here. Just click and drag images from my desk top. I had to use photobucket on pkf because I was never smart enough to embed pictures directly in the post without it. Either way, I could care less if I live on through my kite pictures posted and definitely won't pay photonucket. It was always awful to use.  The only other forum I post pictures to is weber kettle club and that's because i can post pictures direct from my phone using their app. 

Ha, just learned I can upload direct from my phone here.


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