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    • By andy666
      HQ Jive 2 stunt kite.
      Excellent condition. It's had maybe 10hrs of use and had been sitting on a shelf for the last 5 yrs not being used.
      Perfect introduction to 2 line stunt kites. 
      Comes with bag, instruction manual, extra tail weight, ground stake and 2 sets of lines. From memory both sets are 90lb lines, but different lengths.
      Let's say $75 including postage within Australia. SOLD

    • By Butterfly Bee
      Hi Stunt Kiters
      I have broken so many P200 lower spreaders on my E3 to the point where I want to get rid of it....and its always the same thing.....the tubing cracks at the centre T on the female spar. Prism acknowledges this fact. Does anyone know, or developed a solution to this frustrating problem ? Your help would be most appreciated
      Grazie Mille 
    • By RedSky
      Kiting legend Peter Powell inventor of the steerable two line stunt kite has died.
      He once man-lifted a 70yr old granny named Mary Hardy 30ft into the air using 7 of his kites, he flew his kites over the Hudson River in New York for the national TV program 'Today' and had disastrous dealings with a Tokyo business man.

      I learnt of his passing while listening to an interview with his sons Paul and Mark on Radio 4 last Sunday. For anyone who might be interested here is that audio and if you're on Facebook an excellent video showing footage from the early days.
       The popularity of all types of multiple-line kite flying today can be attributed directly to Powell's development of a modern dual-line kite.
      Radio -

      Video -

      An interesting interview with MyBestKite.com