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Happy as a.....

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kid in a lolly shop! Or a Pig in excrement. :D:party:

Just wanted to share my joy with someone that cares (hopefully). LOL

Got my lines and handles today. Resleeved the lines and attached them to my Bora. Now I´m hoping that the forecast 13 - 15 knot NNE winds for tomorrow might be a bit lower at Chelsea Bicentennial Park. Can´t wait to get out tomorrow and practice on my Bora. As anything over 10 knots will probably kill me :russian_roulette: I will have to wait even longer with my practice sessions. Fingers crossed for light winds. :yes:

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It's the new kite curse.

When ever you get a new kite, the wind gods know, and they don't give you what you need to fly it.

I had a 10m fixed bridal foil to try (2 week loan) for light wind conditions. Didn't drop below 10 knots for the 2 weeks when ever I was free.

Got desperate after visiting a friend one Friday night (well 2am Saturday morning), and went to the park in the dark to fly it.

Rigging a kite in the dark is interesting, even more when your not sure you've rigged it correctly and it's a 10m foil in 6 knots.

All went well, but the kite was a dog.


Winds from the NW, means it will come from over the pine trees and tends to be gusty, not the best for trying a new kite.

I'd say wait it out.

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