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Leba International Kite Festival, Poland

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Kite fliers' transport to and from the beach each day


Winds on the Baltic Sea coast were strong enough to lift sand on the first day


Estonian take on the Volker Hoberg "Heart" kite - very elegant.


I really like these painted kites


Brit Gill Bloom with one of her roks


A rare blonde "Brasington" - made under license for Wolkensturmer in Poland


Here's a sewing challenge for you @Darren Tibbey


Oh yeah, ...and some kites by a shabby Aussie



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2 hours ago, Darren Tibbey said:

From the youtube clip looks like your kites got a absolute thrashing on the beach @KaoS. All standup to it?

The trailing edge of this delta is a bit softer than when it started... but everything survived



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