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Jo Baker

Rosebud Kite Festival 2018

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Hello to all our Kite Flying fans!
The date for 2018 festival is confirmed as 11 March , and Craig and Deb Hansen, from Peter Lynn Kites in NZ, have just confirmed their attendance once again! 
Put the date in your diaries and dont miss the next extravaganza of kites in Rosebud on the foreshore.  http://rosebudkitefestival.com.au/    https://www.facebook.com/RosebudKiteFestival/  

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SIX week away.......    We will be flying the SATURDAY  and the Sunday....    The Saturday will have much more room...  fewer people..  Its promoted as meet the kite flyer day   so the public can come talk to us...  We will put on some snags for Lunch....  Flying from 10 am....  The idea is to promote the event to the people attending the Market across the road...  so  we finish around 2  unless the wind is great and fly till whenever....

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49 minutes ago, igeighty said:

Mezz and I will be at rosebud on the Sunday. who I see about getting into the fenced area ?

Do you want to park your car in there or just yourselves?
If the car, shoot me your registration number via PM.



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Fun morning/lunch!  Olivia's first kite festival, would of liked to stay longer however we had to be back in Melbourne by mid-afternoon.  Spotted a tin man on a trike on the way out, thought it was @roblukin in disguise ;)  Took a heap of photos, threw a few in Lightroom to get some better colours as it was so overcast.  Thank you to @Mez, @igeighty, @nigel & @The Duke for displaying buggies, talking to the crowd and flying power kites.  

Rosebud 2018 Kite Festival Gallery: 



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