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Depower bridle for PL Vapor 1 series

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This is a message from Eric Leegwater, the Netherlands.
Some of you may know me from buggyraces in Holland, Germany, Les Hemmes, Eurocups, European/World championships, etc. or snowkite races like the Red Bull Ragnarok, Vake, etc.
I buggyrace with number H400 and since 18 June 2017 I am very proud to carry number H1 :)

I would like to inform you a bit more about the depower Vapors :
In 2013 I started converting my Vapors to depower....it is a lot of work to make a new depower bridle set : about 6 to 8 weeks per kite.
The original bridle set needs to be replaced by a new depower bridle set, including a speed system.
Finally begin 2016 I had all kites (4.5 to 16.1) converted and during these years I won several races with them.

Over the last months I have received many international requests for more information about my Vapors that I converted to depower.
Many people have asked me if I could also make them a depower bridle so they could convert their Vapors as well.
I like the idea that many buggiers want to give their "old skool" Vapors a "second life".
However I am not in the position to make new depower bridles again...it is simply too much work and I am also very slow with it.
Therefore I have found a kitemanufacturer in the Far East that will make the bridles in small numbers. 

It is by no means my intention to make money ! I simply like the idea that the Vapor gets a second life...
It will not be as fast as the current closed cell race kites, but is pretty close and a very good (race worthy) alternative for riders that do not have the money on the latest race kites.
At least it will give them the opportunity to ride depower ! And with some practice, like me, you can still win races with the depwoer Vapor :) 


Bridle prices in Euro (excluding shipment/postage from the Netherlands) : 
Vapor 4.5 € 245,00 
Vapor 5.4 € 250,00 
Vapor 6.5 € 260,00 
Vapor 7.8 € 265,00 
Vapor 9.4 € 270,00 
Vapor 11.2 € 285,00 
Vapor 13.4 € 290,00 
Vapor 16.1 € 295,00 

A detailed video will become available on Youtube how you can remove the old bridle and how to install the new depower bridle.
Also the video will give instructions how to launch and land the kite.

Please note : a bar is not included ! In principle you can use any depower bar. Recommended bar width : approx 55 cm
I personally like the PL Aviator bar a lot, because of its double pully configuration.

If you are interested, please send me a personal message, incuding your email address.
More info can also be found on www.facebook.com/DepowerVapors/

I hope the moderator will not see my post as a commercial activity.
If so then I apologize for this and will accept that this post will be deleted.


Red Bull Ragnarok passing the finish line as best Dutch snowkiter ever.jpg

Kitebuggy SPO...leading the pack.jpg

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