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Landsegler Beach Discwheels

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I'm selling my set of Landsegler Beach disc wheels.

Covers have some damage (small cracks) but are reinforced with tape so you won't notice.
Comes with a tool for easy inflating of the tubes and a spare outer tire.

Located in The Netherlands but I'm sure we can arrange something for delivery. 

Price: 500 EURO

Kind regards,
Mark van den Berg




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fits on a GT Bigfoot front end just fine, you just need some spacers like mark has above.

these wheels are 10cm's wide and can handle soft sand with ease. keep your Kenya's for the dunes. and use the segler's for the beach :)


having said that, I haven't used Kendal now for a long while...

go on dude, you know you want them :) plus you get a spare tyre for nix!

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