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Northern Kites Australia

The Block 2017

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Some of you may have seen the final last night, and pondered about the property market on these "high end" properties. Huegh's bought the winning property #5 from Josh and Elise and they've pocketed and won over $500k overall. Unfortunately the same cannot be said about the other properties, but everyone walked away with some coin - decent amount of coin never the less.

What was, yet the same situation in all of these shows, is that the bidders are predominantly buyer's agents. No one else - except for one bloke at the back, raised their paddles to place a bid. The fact that buyers - real fair-dinkum buyers are there to buy the properties, are using buyers agents is a testament to how well and worthwhile a buyers agent is worth their weight in gold. They handle the process from beginning to end, and all you have to do as a client, is say yes or no to the bids or the negotiating process.

We used a buyers agent to buy our home and it was the best thing we did. No agency BS, sweet talking, legal jargon, etc... our buyers agent did the lot and we had the keys handed to us in the end.

Cannot recommend them enough.

ps... I think Scott Cam should have kept his bogan mouth shut when the agents came in for directions. He has zero property experience and blew chances of a negotiation with that Nicole buyers agent lady.


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5 hours ago, Northern Kites Australia said:

I had a feeling that same meme from Seabreeze would end up here. Now I know the alias you use there! :P

Your 'Columbo' skills are wedged right next to 'Alex Sanz's Human Powered Windmeter' 


Try this... https://www.humanbenchmark.com/tests/memory  :butt-dance:

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