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Summer 2017/18 Sandy Point Sessions

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I've listed the Weekend & Christmas Break tides for Summer 2017/18 at Waratah Bay that are ideal for land kiting.  Ideal for either day trips or over-nighters.  The break over Christmas looks absolutely amazing this year, the best days in Jan for those not heading over to Kingston 2018 look awesome too with some of the best weekends rounding off the end of Summer during February. 

Summer 2017-18 Tides Waratah Bay.png

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1 hour ago, nigel said:

Getting ready to go.

Wilsons prom gusting to 43 knots!!

From the west and should turn more south later.

Yeh Baby!!!!:crazypilot:

You should be able to crack 80km/h just waddling down wind :D 
Where's that @Chook with his calculator? 

$10 down that you break your PB today :good: 


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A good day!!!

A great day?


Keep your $10 @.Joel

An awesome flat beach with no weed, cross on shore at 30+ knots, gusting to to ???

Fast down and slow back.

Just over 100km for the day, and a top speed of 84.7kph.

The GT just ate the gusts, and the 6m Phantom mkII needed more wind!!! :eek:

Yes, I have no idea what the top end is with this kite!! 

I was running with the trim strap all the way out (full power) the whole day, and using the bar stopper half way in!!

Need a faster kite, might have to drag out the mkI Phantom.

Or steal @.Joel's  R1's

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Saturday's forecast has a bucket load of rain, so I think it wise to leave it for a Sunday run.

With the wind more from the South, Sandy Point looks a pearler. :good:

Will confirm with all tomorrow, after the 5pm update from the BOM.

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