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Sandra Roberts

Broken struts need replacing

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Apart from kite stores, model aeroplane stores typically carry carbon fibre rods of all sorts of sizes, generally online orders, so plenty to choose from. 

Like for example here in New Zealand, Hanger One:


or in USA, Aloft Hobbies:
Or Hobby King:
Mind you the sizes I showed above are only random examples, you will need to match the size for your kite.
Too expensive? Try replacing with Tasi Oak Dowels from Bunnings but they generally will not be as stiff which can be disappointing as your kite will no longer be as snappy.
There used to be some great kiting stores in Melbourne Australia which would have had the rods but they have retired.



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Hi Sandra, and welcome to the forum.

First up, we will need to know which bits need replacing.

Image result for kite parts

Hope the diagram helps.

I think you might be referring to the stand-offs?? 


But even better, the gent who ran Ground Zero kites, is still around, and makes awesome single line display kites.

Try here:  www.robertbrasingtonkites.com

Send Robert an email (he might be overseas so give him a day or two to reply). Let him know whats wrong and I am sure he will be able to help get the Nipper back in the air in no time.

Good luck, and don't forget to have a good look around Roberts web site, lots of fantastic kites to see. :good:

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