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Born-Kite RaceStar

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Already in production and to be commercially released in October is the RaceStar+, a matching 5.0, 7.0, 9.0, and 11.0m quiver to the original RaceStar.  A forthcoming video will explain the nuances, but the principle difference as Steffen explained it to me is the addition of some flexible vertical spars in the trailing edge to keep the shape of the kite more complete during jibe turns.

Gotsta love how Steffen keeps on innovating in the SS DP world!  I'm really loving the RSs and now have a complete quiver.  For my needs the RS+ is overkill but I can see how this refinement could be important in racing and other maximum performance conditions.  A small weight and packing penalty, but these SS DP 6:1 AR kites still come in way lighter and pack more compactly than comparable race kites with their (unnecessary) second skins.

Steffen with RS+.jpg

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