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Chrono II

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9 hours ago, Grants said:

Old mate know when to drop the carrot day or 2 after chook pulls 200 plus kms in one session non stop on his bigger brother great price to boot 

And Tiger lost his Chrono virginity when I lent him mine and we went to the Granites Andy.


Sub 5 knots and southerly was directly up the beach, so we both had a ball cruising up and back averaging 32 kmh to the Granites and back. Both on Sysmic S2 buggys,  Tiger on my 15 Chrono V2 and I'm on 18 Chrono 1.

These kites don't know they are flying directly into wind!!!(well within 10 to 12 degrees of into wind) Bar out they just surge to the front of the window and you would swear it was 5 knots directly onshore.

Do I get a spotters fee Jas?:drinks:

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