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Expression of intrest

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Looking at selling my gt race buggy  and all my kites

Gt race rapied 2017 import beach racers with sysmic rims  and spare front end and goose neck to suit skinny rims ( not included ) also car carrier as well 

13 mt bandit ( f one ) with bag and bar 

BWS 10 mt bag (no bar ) needs bladder repairs 

9.5 mt best kahoona  with bar and bag

9 mt slingshot rev bar and bag

7.5 best kahoona bar and bag

5 mt BWS with bag and bar 

3 mt trainer kite 

all used with some repairs but hold air and fly well  

I know what people think but made my mind up can buy another when I become keen again will no doubt regret it but my life has changed direction  for the time being no low ball offers won't even get a reply 

cheers to all 


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All the very best with new endeavours mate. for anyone considering, this buggy is in mint condition.

I came to a point where I was going to sell up and move on, that was in 97, I gave everything away in the end.

Then looking through old photos and remembering the endless grin, I started collecting all over again.

I do read this with a bit of shock, but you do whats best for you big fella. 

I sincerely wish you all the best. if I could I would pick it up and store it at my house until you got the big again.




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