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Low Wind Racing

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This is certainly right up @igeighty street @Mez.

He works in the right circles to get the required PVC pipe of that diameter to fit your blokart rear tyres.

Deflate the tyres slide the pipe sleeve over and reinflate and go drifting in your local carpark weekends Missy!!!!!:good:

The chain drive is only powering one wheel on these.

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On 2/26/2018 at 4:11 PM, .Joel said:

@Chook I think you need to build a couple of these for you and @Mez in case there's low wind at Kingston 2019 ;) 



Hmm so I wonder what happens when the wind picks up, I can just imagine the foot pedals churning around wildly ready to mash your feet up. Perhaps they have a coaster mechanism like in push bikes.

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