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Harden 2018

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    • By jhn.holgate
      11am to 5pm on October 15 is the Harden Kite Festival.  Harden is situated in NSW about 100km North West of Canberra.  There are lots of events, market stalls and competitions planned for the day.  Website here: http://hardenkitefestival.org/  From the looks of Google maps it's a very open and large area to fly in and there appears to be more than enough room for some buggying or landboarding too.   
      I could be talked into a road trip.....
      Google map link..... Google Map

    • By jhn.holgate
      Situated about 100km North West of Canberra is Harden, which plays host to the Harden Kite Festival.  With competitions, market stalls and a large open area there'll be lots to see and do.  Did I mention the big open area?  Looks like there would be plenty of room for some buggying.  From 11am to 5pm on Saturday October 15th.