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Noel Andrews

Which size Pansh aurora 2 to buy?

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Hi all

Seen some great reviews and comments on Pansh kites so hope someone can help.

Im 83kg, been kiting for 20+ years on and off so very comfortable with Kite handling and control, feeling where it is etc. Always flown foils, older flysurfers like psycho 2 13m mainly.

Just trying to decide between aurora 2 10m or 12m.

Being on the heavy side I want the wisest possible wind range. Typically use a 140cmx39cm twin tip. 

Any opinions on wind range or difference between the 10m and the 12m?

thanks all


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I haven’t flown the aurora 2 only the original aurora (12m).

It will depend on the average wind speeds that you usually kite in, but I would say the 12m would be the best option.

If you have previously flown flysurfers, why not look around for a 12m speed 3. They are going cheap now days and you are getting a well known design, that you can still buy all the parts for etc. 

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Cheers Andy, have been keeping an eye out for flysurfers but they seem to be rare!

theres a 15m sowed 3 deluxe at £400 with worn lines and some holes on eBay at the moment.

have pushed the button on the 12m aurora 2 so time to sit back and wait a few weeks then time to try it out!


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