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Peter Lynn Aero V2

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    • By .Joel
      Inside the Peter Lynn New Zealand Factory where @outlaw hangs out  
    • By .Joel
      Some really old-school boards, including a pair of 'jesus shoes' to walk on water....
      Where's @Spartan at I think these shoes are perfect for him.
    • By .Joel
      "3 men, 9 kites and 330 kg food and equipment…that was needed for a 27 day crossing over the Greenland ice cap: powered by only wind. Adventurers Eric Leegwater (NL), Bjorn Wils (DK) and Carl Alvey (NO) used snowkites to cover a 2620 km distance in complete absence of any civilization. An absolute absurd trip"

      New video and news covering the Greenland Snowkite Crossing.
      Blog: http://www.peterlynn.com/crossing-greenland-with-snowkites-south-to-north/