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What a cracker year for wind!!!!

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Blowing again here in Esperance with the approach of a cold front. Farmers are REALLY desperate for rain, as a lot have gone ahead and dry seeded crops, so fingers crossed.

Pink Lake is in prime condition and really handy being only 2kms from the Chook house.:grin:   (Black dot in small circle below Pink Lake Rd)

Greg and I headed out for a short sharp 1 hr run this morning and the wind turned out to be really gusty from the north and very unsettled, blowing dust everywhere.

I managed to tick over 6,000kms (6,016kms) covered by wind power (kite buggy and land yacht) so far this calendar year. So having a ball.


Have to wait and see if rain stops play for a run tomorrow as well.:beach:


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Thanks Andy.

Just had another quick breakfast session before knuckling down to weld up a broken trailer drawbar. The muppet the owner lent it to, jack knifed it reversing back forgetting he had it on the back.:mad:

Lucky we haven't had the fires like over in Albany 500 kms to our west with all the high winds.



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A long weekend just finished here in WA, = 3 more days land sailing.

Yesterday was pretty light wind (1 gusting to 3 knots), so spent a couple of hours peacefully cruising with my 9.5m2 sail on my International 5.6 mini yacht in a crab fart of wind.



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