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First INTERNATIONAL Flash Mob Kite Fly

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Sunday  16th  September.......     At this stage lets just say...  RESERVE THE DATE .........   1 pm  till  4  pm....

We will have some International Kite Flyers coming to stay with us after the Festival of the Winds at Bondi Beach In Sydney... So why not have an International Kite Fly at our fav spot to fly in Melb and show them the best fly field and the local hospitality while they are in Melb. We will hopefully have a special themed Kite display with some interactive things for the kids to enjoy.... At this stage just reserving the date.... more info to follow as things get organised....

flash mob.jpg

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27 minutes ago, Mez said:

Any news whether Dean Festival is running on the 2nd Sept @jo

Nothing as yet  !!!!     I am keeping the date free just in case    

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