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Snowboard Yaw wobbles

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Snow season just about to begin in the South Island of New Zealand, hmm what’s on the check list and to do’s ... 

On one of my last snow kiting sessions on a snowboard, Zac and I decided to try altering the snow boot angle from the standard alpine stance to a more duck orientation when we snow board with the kites. Zac liked the change and I hated it. For me it immediately induced yaw wobbles into the board that I could not stop, so I changed back to the alpine stance.

So has any one else experienced the same instabilities? What was your solution? Sure my board for kiting with the alpine stance as a bias depending on whether I kite left or right but seems to work for me.

Or is this a case of the fabled kite specific snow board .... really? Akak marketing ploy to get you to buy another board.

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