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Emily Morris

Big kites for sale

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My friend left three kites for me.  I have no idea what brand they are. He only told me not sell it cheap. One I saw the bag says MOST EXCELLENT FLY MACHINE.  Could anyone that knows kites here to help me identify the others? Thank you very much!IMG_1548.thumb.jpg.097d06f923c4805c2f0f5e255d60fbcc.jpg





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Hi Emily,

Welcome to the forum!

My husband @igeighty (above) is SO passionate about the MEFM's (Most Excellent Flying Machine) so if not already sold elsewhere, please can you provide us with the cost to purchase? And its his birthday in July, so would make a wonderful gift.

In regards to the other kites, like you have with the MEFM, spread out the kite for a photo and we will do our best to try and identify them for you. But certainly, any MEFM's in your collection, we would love to take them off your hands as they will certainly be flow. 

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The black bag looks like it contains a Maestrale from HQ kites.  These were produced in the late 1990s


They are large by modern standards, designed for precision, (not tricks) best in light winds.  They don't come up for sale very often these days, and even then don't usually fetch particularly high price - say, $150 -ish.

The MEFM is a sought after kite.  If @ieighty hadn't put his hand up for it, I would have jumped on it.

As for the pink bag, what does the label say?


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@Emily Morris,

Do you still wish to sell this kite ? as I said before I am for you to get in contact and arrange details.

I have sent you a private message that will be able to read, however you may need 5 posts here in this forum to reply ?

if so, please reply here.


even if it to let us know that it is sold

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    • By igeighty
      Guys i know it is a long shot, But i thought i would throw it out there.
      I am looking for an Australian MEFM, I am having no luck contacting Warren McIntosh. Does anyone still own these kites and wants to sell them to a very loving home ?
      I used to fly these kites late 90's I still have access to one that i bought for my father in 96, and have now talked him into letting me fly it.
      I am looking for a microlite, a standard and the vented missile or any of the above. OR if anyone has Warren's email that i could contact him and see if he is still making them.
      If you have one (or more) let me know how much you would like, or trade.
      We are heading to England next week for a month but i will still be in contact through the site.
      kind regards.

      *photo by John Chilese.