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Lady Bug Workshop

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We are running a Lady Bug Ground Bouncer Workshop... since the last one was a huge hit and people are asking for MORE !!!!!!! Darren and Naomi are going to run this workshop... We are going to make the BIGGER bugs.... since you can buy the small ones so cheap from china they are not worth making... Bigger is also easier to sew.. not so fiddly You will need to bring a sewing machine... so we can have one per person... We are thinking of precutting them to save time... so its mainly the construction that you will be learning. they take 3 to 4 meters of material.. so we are looking at $ 20 per bug... darren will have some little ones here which he will sell at cost for $ 10 if you want to take home a ready made baby... We are also sourcing some heavier material for the bottom of the bug which stops it turning upside and protects the bottom from sharp rocks etc... Places are very limited... we can only fit so many in our shed on sewing machines....  contact Jo Baker 0412 115 960 to book a place   

forgot the pic  


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Workshop now fully booked....  soon there will be a loveliness of Lady Bugs bouncing around the kite fields of Victoria...

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For those that missed it, we had a great time!!

A few big bugs for the next kite event.

Here is my first real effort with a sewing machine, a nice red lady bug, and it's two offspring (purchased).

Tested out down the beach in quite strong wind. They work like magic!!

They stopped all the beach walkers, who came over and had a look.

A big thank you to Jo and Ricky for hosting the event, and Darren and Naomi for their expert construction input.

What to make next??????





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