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Yeppoon 2019

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Good 21-22 knot SE winds all day today.

 The beach just keeps getting better.

Rob was flying and covered a smidgen under 100kms.

I kicked off just on 8.00am after breakfast and had my best ever distance without getting out of the buggy. (Went and had a shower and tea and had forgot to turn the Garmin off) Had to empty my apple juice (personal comfort) bottle overboard once though. ;)


Bit miffed I pulled up 3 kms short. It was too dark to see my GPS. My Suunto watch went flat at the 439km mark.

Looking forward to Andy's arrival tomorrow. :drinks:


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Whoa Chook - those beans worked! More km in one day than I've done since I started!

Knew a hang glider pilot that used to attach a catheter tube to a condom for those long flights. If anyone following Chook feels a soothing golden mist, you'll know why... And if you start seeing little speed bumps you'll know his assless chaps and the hole in the seat is working.

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