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MEFM heading home

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yep, its small 2.5mm carbon tube that slides through the spreader and is kept taught by the bungy and line, not sure if this is what give them the unique flying feel, but it Is pretty neat :)

The black one was a shop model that was left over stock from the kite shop when it closed in 96. so I took it home for dad. he loaned it back to me last year.

the middle yellow one I got from Prawnstar and is fairly well used,, but very much flyable. and the top one came from Kevin and is pretty much brand new still. I would age them all at 1996-1998

I used to have a very early one it was grey and white, it had vented panels and was very very nice to fly in all winds. one day I will find another vented one somewhere.

I also had a microlite version it would fly in zero wind with a bit of walking. 

You can fly them at Kingston. I promise you will be hooked.



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You did give me some time on one at Kingston in very little wind and I was amazed at how much control I still had with very little line pressure.

I just couldn't remember if the stand offs moved in flight Doug. Getting old this end matey.


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