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3.5m Flexifoil Blurr for sale

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I have had this kite from new and have probably flown it less than 10 times as I moved to depower kites. Material still crisp and bridles and lines in excellent condition. Includes bag, handles, lines, kite killers and instructions etc that came with kite. Innovative triple position bridle adjustment. Full details can be found on Flexifoil website. $250 plus postage or can bring to Sandy Point. 1624C1DB-C6C4-441E-B4C8-9CE5D6CA7009.thumb.jpeg.7940cd8ea59c91cae2639e8fd9437be0.jpeg09002F86-DA78-44A3-BD89-D4A3EC24F250.thumb.jpeg.d36fe7f0d74263c51bc983eed8f81319.jpeg7796C47B-531F-41EA-A043-4B43906A585C.thumb.jpeg.fd5c60670e95bbb8b9c55ba141d49c66.jpeg1DA5767F-CE26-421B-8EA1-7D4208770A81.thumb.jpeg.864f11a6a572d31520bd3adaeb820bf9.jpegD2A3B3A7-8749-4901-A41B-72F3CD88F054.thumb.jpeg.6547b38f8e74455b96bba36b27afa7f7.jpeg437F355F-1D4E-412E-BA58-D7E0F3C9F03C.thumb.jpeg.d281bc7bf84c436ae51c4f281dcf95f9.jpeg

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