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Nasa Star 4

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Steffen just let me know that Born-Kite is soon coming out with V-4 of his venerable Nasa kites, the NS4. The NS4s will feature better BODAPRE bridle lines, and as you can see below, a new color design. These bridle lines are the same material he introduced with the RaceStars. I own a complete quiver of RaceStars and really like this new bridle material and find it a vast improvement over his legacy bridle line material. More expensive per meter, and worth every Euro IMHO.

According to Steffen, the NS4s will have a new profile, less bridling, new bridle material as mentioned above, and a new color scheme as seen below. I haven't seen it, but he told me that the new NS4 bar will have a "depower bungee" allowing the NS4s to be flown with a harness or by hand. I suspect he is working in some design features as a type of crossover from his StreetStars. The NS4s are said to work on 20m lines (standard configuration), on shorter lines, or directly from the bar, so they should work well for all of our various styles of kiting.

The NS3s were my original SSs and sort of a "first love" for me. Nowadays I mostly use DP SS in the buggy and reserve my NS3 flying for nice static sessions when my family takes beach vacations. My plan out of the gate is to get hold of a 2.5m NS4 when available but hold onto my custom 1.5m NS3 and my custom 3.2m NS3 that I won in the lottery here on XK (doh!).

I know I gush on and on about Born-Kites and likely seem like some sort of pimp for them. In fact, I have honestly greatly enjoyed getting to know Steffen over recent years via email and greatly admire his spirit of innovation and willingness to forge a place in the market with so many "big boys" taking most of the spotlight. I root for the underdog consistently in sports too. The world has too few Steffens IMO, and I appreciate his spirit and support it. The fact that he makes darn good products that fit my needs makes it all come together. Nuff said.

NasaStar4 bridles.jpg

NasaStar4 range.jpg

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2 hours ago, SoutherlyBuster said:

Can see that Steffen is a doing a great job, puting profits back into research and development to further his kiting products. All he needs now is just enough flotation in his wings so they can tolerate a quick dip in the water and relaunch :) 

Good point!  Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery after all.  Maybe something along the lines of the Shaman with it's wingtip closed cells:


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