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    • By .Joel
      Flysurfer has updated their Infinity 3.0 Airstyle Bar Setup to now also come as a Clam Cleat option.

      There are no pulleys, instead using a single friction ring to run the line through to keep the bar setup clean.

      I've always liked the two strap option that the Airstyle bar setup came with, however on the Sonic2 I found it was quite difficult to depower at speed and under load, so then I bought a Flysurfer Race Bar setup.  The downside of that was that it had waaaaayyyy to many pulleys and complication going on.  Looks like for people who don't hydrofoil, this may be a good compromise when using the setup on the depower race kites.
    • By sir lancelot
      2013 Naish Park 7m + bar
      In excellent condition, kite fabric still crisp. This is a kite that has a surprisingly large wind range, is easy to use and gives great boots! I’ve had a lot of fun on this kite. New pulleys on bridle, and added sheath over lines that pulleys run over, meaning no more wear on lines and extended longevity of bridle. Brand new depower rope on bar. 1 small patch repair to canopy. Comes with 5m line extensions (I’ve used these on the kite as an experiment to give it more range in the sky, but it would be more manageable without them).
      $500 including bar, line extensions
      Will post via E-Go Couriers or cash on pickup. Located in Melbourne. Can deliver if I'm headed your way!
      Also selling 9m & 12m Mutiny P-Series, can do a discount for all 3 kites.

    • By 123matt
      Cabrinha Switchblade 3 in 12m complete with bar and lines (no bag)
      These kites need no introduction.  
      Kite is in good working order.  
      $275 + postage.