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Beachracers on Sysmic rims - sold

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A set of almost matching Kenda Beachracers on 4" wide sysmic rims.  Bearings are in good nic and there's still plenty of those rubber bits sticking out of the tires.  Two of the tires match and the third seems a little squatter - I always put that one on the front.....well, after I noticed they weren't all identical.....  Located Ballarat, central Vic.   Grace my palm with $350 and they're all yours.


Beachracers 1.jpg

Beachracers 2.jpg

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You don't by chance have front forks to fit floating around do you?

I am running middi's on an S2 and believe I would need the larger front fork kit to accommodate a big foot wheel on the front (correct me if I am wrong). 

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