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The next big thing?

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24 minutes ago, andy666 said:

In what way?

As an example he has given 4 stars for ram air de-power against 2 star for a mono-skin kite. I fly both, and my experience is that single skin kites have extremely good de-power, at least as good as a ram-air kite. Also he has 1 star for ram-air prices against 4 star for mono-skin price. I think that is wrong and in my experience its the other way round.

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The price star rating is based on how cheap the kite is. Ram air being one star because it is most expensive.

i agree that the single skin depower should have been rated better, at least 3 stars. But i still don’t think it is as good as a ram air like the sonic. A single skin kites usable range will still be a bit less.

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