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HQ Prodigy 4.2m

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Selling my 4.2m Prodigy.
Still in excellent condition.
$220 including new lines and handles.
Postage Extra


High End Powerkite for Buggy Racer. Uncompromising design for maximum performance and speed on all possible trails without losing control. Extremely fast and agile. Ready for competition and competitions, enormous power per square meter. To regulate speed in the buggy with the help of the brake lines. Only available in kite-only version; delivered with detailed instructions and bag. Wind: variable, depending on your abilities. Age: 14+.

The Prodigy offers high end power for racers. During the design, no compromises were made in terms of design, resulting in top speeds and peak performance during the competition. Handling and control at the highest level, the Prodigy is remarkably stable for a high aspect wing.

Made of ripstop polyester in color as shown. The kite is delivered exclusively in the kite-only version. For accessories such as steering cords, quad handles and other please look in the Accessories category. Instructions packed with. Packed in a cool backpack.


• Extremely fast and agile. 
• Competitive and Competitive. 
• Overworlding power and pull per m². 
• Accelerating via the brake lines.

Technical specifications

• Flat Area 4,2m² 
• Flat Span 476cm 
• Height 107cm 
• Flat AR 5.40 
• Cells 26  





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