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Buggy wheel input request

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I usually run eurotrax but would like to get a set of discs as some of my local beaches are smooth hardback. Most tend to go with landsegler beach wheels.Lenticular make a couple options,but never see anyone using them.Why is this?...or it just uncommon in my area?

Took a screen capture.

Landsiglr claims to be strong enough to withstand lateral forces without camber.Would the lenticular work best with camber or ok without(not that it’s a problem).

Group thoughts or opinions please.



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I use 17" road m/c wheels, fronts. Then clad them with core flute for aerodynamics. Tyres are off postie bike with all knobs cut off and polished smooth. Lighter than road tyres, unless you can get some used slicks off 125 race bikes.

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