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Hobbies - the definitive list

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Hi, need some hobby ideas preferably off computers to keep the kids busy. Stuff they can do at home. I know the XK community has a pretty diverse range of interests, so am hitting it up for some ideas.

The list so far...

  • sewing (clothing, cross stitch, long stitch)
  • leatherwork (belts, belt phone holders)
  • musical instrument
  • photography
  • caligraphy
  • painting
  • drawing, sketching
  • cartoons
  • arrow making (for archery)
  • jewellery
  • glass blowing
  • rock polishing
  • woodwork
  • wood turning
  • stop motion animation
  • yoga, pilates
  • magic, card tricks
  • vinyl cutting (t-shirts, stickers)
  • model building (trains, planes, automobiles)
  • floral arranging
  • vegetable growing
  • vehicle restoration (motorbikes or cars)
  • baking/cooking

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Take up a sport eg bike riding, skateboarding, roller blades, scooters, football, basketball, volleyball, cricket, hockey, baseball, softball, t-ball, bush walking, running,

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buy something cheapish first, and see if you will get into it. we bought several thousand worth of Meade lx200 and used it a handful of times in 4 years. ended up selling for same as we paid,, but I had grand plans for doing astro photography, but the sky here in croydon is not the best at all. and a 50lb telescope isn't the simplest to lug around :)

I got into the drone flying a bit recently and that is pretty good, and scratches the itch. but I guess in Britain, you can't fly drones anymore without royal authorisation :)


but astronomy in the right conditions would be amazing.. its not for the city though :(

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Thanks igeighty. Been looking at the ultra light Dobsonian 16" with Goto. Stop laughing! I don't think a smaller telescope will trigger my interest much. I want to see deep sky stuff in detail. I think that's what will get me hooked. Okay, maybe a bit ambitious for a first telescope but it collapses down to a fairly small size. Maybe I could take it on an airline.

You guys in Australia are lucky. I remember the night skies near Ayers Rock. Overnight camping beside the road, looking up at all those stars and wishing I had brought a pair of binoculars with me. Never seen so many stars in all my life. Blew my mind! There were only a couple of light wispy clouds to spoil an otherwise clear sky. Woke up during the night to have another look and was surprised to see those same clouds hadn't moved! I since realised now that they were the Magellanic clouds xD.

Sorry for hijack 123matt :) 

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Find all the clubs that are local to you.

Then let the kids decide.


I'd rule photography out.

I know how much time, effort, and money goes into it. :blush2:

It can be done cheap, but if you get the photographic itch, it starts costing .........

And digital images need a computer to edit.

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Age range of hour kids? Hobby for kids or parents or both? Can make a difference in choice of hobby. Musical instruments can be a great hobby.

Get them started on a simpler instrument to see if they like it. So a piano as first choice is perhaps not the best idea. A blues harp harmonica is a much better choice, this was my first musical instrument. Don’t get a cheap crappy one, start with a Honer Marine Band Blues Harp, plastic body, metal to and bottom, costs about 50 bucks. Once they advance they can bend the notes. Some thing both kids and parents can play together. Learn to play be ear first, then learn to read notes. There are some great instructions on the internet.

Or a 4 string Ukulele, learn to play chords then to pick out notes. Then if you want to annoy people who have a distinct dislike for South American Pan flutes, a pan flute — make it yourself. Find some bamoboo, cut to length, fine tune by cutting to correct length, join them up with string/glue and wah lah a musical instrument. PVC pipe can also be used. Plenty of free tunner Apps out there to get the tuning right.


Harmonica link, not a tutorial bet gives you an idea of how a good a harmonica can sound, the  explore around on his channel for in depth tutorials.


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