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Pansh Genesis 2019

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On 3/11/2019 at 4:15 PM, .Joel said:

I'd be interested in hearing from @socommk233 about this kite.  


Sadly I've no experience of this kite. After modifying my 8m Adam to depower successfully, I'd love a go on one of these. Maybe some time in the future I'll treat myself, sadly paragliding has taken over...ooops. 


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Yeh I converted a 4mtr Pansh Cerberus to depower using an Ozone speed system.

I tried it in Kingston on the clay pan in 25 knots plus with some help from @Mez, but it was too gusty and not enough depower range. The centre of the leading edge was folding under and stalling it, only to reinflate after I had passed by it, which was a bit disconcerting. It had potential but I was not tweeking it those muddy conditions. It did get me to 73kmh though. Big walk of shame back with a twisted bundle of red cloth!!!

I changed to my 7 mrt R1 and then could relax a bit. 

I'm hoping the Genisis will give me a few more ideas as the Cerberus went like hell right off the mark. I just had the power lines a bit too short.

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On 3/9/2019 at 2:50 PM, 123matt said:

Anyone tried the 2019 Pansh Genesis?  

Looks like a lot of kite for the money.  

I see they are also doing extra special deals for footage and reviews. 


The Genesis is the depower version of the Adam which you already have. Apart from the colour change I don't think the 2019 version is very different from the previous model so you'll know basically how it flies. Unless you're looking specifically for a medium/low AR depower in a smaller size why not have a look at the Blaze III instead? Open cell so I wouldn't use in on water but then I don't think I'd be using a Genesis on water either, even if Pansh says you can. The Blaze has been out long enough for the wrinkles to be ironed out and does a good job of impersonating the Summit but at a fraction of the cost. The Genesis 8m is the same price as the Blaze III 8m at US$139 but with an AR of 4.9 vs 3.7 for the Genesis, it'll be a lot more exciting for somebody who knows how to fly. The Blaze also has the upgraded 5th line safety system borrowed from the latest Ozone foils which is really good (Genesis has traditional) and they're also doing the same 50% deal for footage/reviews on the Blaze. Food for thought . . . . :scratchhead:

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I have the 2019 Genesis 12m and have only being using it on water so far. It is actually a bloody good kite for the price, and it handles similar to the older Pyscho III or HQ Neo kites, which I used to have. I have a ride using it on Strava https://www.strava.com/activities/2088155015

No pics, sadly.

Look to be honest, the Genesis is far more stable than the Aurora 1 12m, which I also had and sold.

The Genesis spins like a C kite, but stays there and pulls like a fixed bridle kite. There was no folding, collapsing or wing-tip folds during flight. The jumps are amazingly good! That's when I really wooohooo'd out on the water and being so fast at turning, I had no problem re-directing for a soft landing.

My only gripe with the kite is the packdown. She holds air like a balloon. The two little wing-tip zips are useless for deflating, and the magnetic-valves are useless as well. They are great for a kite crash, which I did do, and the kite did not blow up or anything happened. The valves just opened up to release the pressure. I know because a Flysurfer would not have survived had I'd done the same. I actually heard the "magnetic pop" sound of the valves releasing the air. Yeah that brought a smile too! :) The leading edge inlets are very wide, perhaps too wide as the kite automatically fills with air even without trying or opening one of the zips. This caused me grief recently, when I left it inflated and flapping in the wind, and the bridles got all tangled up! Speaking of bridles, they are brilliant. Thin, yet stiff and crispy feel-like. I've done the mixer test and all four joins are perfect! Pansh got it right with this kite, or at least the bridles for once!

Relaunch was also "like a C kite". It was easy. The kite did not bow-tie. I just pulled on one of the steerers and she opened.

I highly recommend the Genesis 2019.

I think there is still a 6m for sale on Gumtree for $90! I would get it, but I don't have a need for small kites.

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