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Dual and Quad sport kites

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I've always felt kites are for flying, not collecting.  The slow progression of arthritis in my thumbs and wrists means these don't get flown...   but they should.  Hopefully a new owner can do them justice.

Posting here before I put them on other sites next week.

Rev I - Lee Sedgewick model. Excellent condition, flown maybe 3 times.  Fitted with Revolution Strong frame (as standard), Race Rods frame included. $275 shipped in Australia.


KaoS Quad.  Excellent condition.  Fitted with Revolution 1.5 Race Rods frame, "Spanish" bridle, and "French Sticks" on the rear (for faster, more stable reverse flying). $275 shipped in Australia.



Level One "Reloaded".  Brand new, never flown. Complete with original, unused lines, straps and winder.  $200 shipped in Australia.



*** SOLD *** Blue Moon "Killer Bee".  $295 shipped in Australia. *** SOLD ***



Blue Moon "Mongoose" STD (black) and UL (charcoal) - matched pair.  As new condition (unflown by me, but flown once by the original owner/collector).   $295 each or $500 for both, shipped in Australia.      *** UL IS SOLD ***



Sensible offers will be considered



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On 5/26/2019 at 1:22 PM, KaoS said:

... and just your colour, I feel sure!  😁

As like you @KaoS - kites need to be flown and with @igeighty collection of MEFM’s now, unfortunately everything else starts to collect dust (that’s assuming I get to fly them too) otherwise it’s my 2 prisms and my HQ from @andy666 which are my go-to’s. 

Befriended a fella in the USA who has a fantastic collection - hundreds! He might be in the market to grow his collection.

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