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    • By SoutherlyBuster
      Now this will be interesting to watch, Foil Kites with Foil Boards now accepted as event in 2024 Paris Olympics, see
      Sorry LEI fans, no LEI’s permitted
      Will be an open class. 
    • By DrWind
      Got a low-wind run at Venus bay yesterday and it was GREAT!
      The wind was dead on which opened up the whole of the bay (all 20 plus km of it), and although the tides weren't really low, there was still plenty of beach to be had. Interestingly I had more dog attention than usual - I think because the kite is black and looks more like a huge bird of prey. Fortunately I was going pretty slow when I nudged the Collie. As for the Jack Russell - he just took one look at the kite and ran . . . and ran . . .and ran.
      The Spleene was every bit the low-wind monster all the reviews indicate.
      Hope the video gets you in the mood!
    • By Jo Baker
      The first ever surf Coast Kite festival is on Sunday 22nd October 2017. 
      Full details can be found on their web page  https://surfcoastkitefestival.com.au/       or facebook page  https://www.facebook.com/surfcoastkitefestival/