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Soul on Waves

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Obviously it's not the best kite to use in waves, still wants to go fast when it picks up speed and apparent wind. I'm using a twin tip 134cm I think and riding in good wind speed for that kite which is about 16-18 knots . And I'm not cutting back like 'proper' surfers do, just riding down the face of smallish waves, then racing along to catch another further along. You have to pump the kite sometimes whilst it's drifting and dip it quite hard once on the top off the wave, especially with my twin tip, to keep the momentum of speed and match the wave, but it's fun still. I have some great freeride sessions here at the bottom end of Kingy that's facing north. With an onshore and decent knots so the kite is powered up you can ride lots of waves in, switch and speed out popping insane jumps from the waves as you go out again. The control of this kite is insane, you can wash of the power so easily, it turns better than the Speed 3 Deluxe (never tried the IV). I've found my skill level with this kite has gone up, you can twitch it, pump it, and squeeze that little bit of extra performance out of it. I f---ing love, love this kite. Since I got it I've started enjoying kitesurfing much more because being on it is so fulfilling. I got an 8m too and have only had it out in a couple of high wind days, but god that thing is FUN. Quick, grunty- I think more so per square meter than the 12m because of the lower aspect ratio, and still with the insane floaty jumps.

I just got in from a session by the way, so still buzzing🤩

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