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2020 Vision at Kingston

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Must be time for an official 2020 Kingston thread.  Dates will be however long you wish to stay up until Australia Day (26th Jan). (later if you wish).  Some of us turn up two weeks prior, some one week prior.  It's all very casual with no particular structure.  I think the Blokarts will be there again this year - if you've got any details of that, pop it in below.    Let's hope for a dry claypan and a clean beach.  I'm booked in 13th - 26th and will bring a few more single liners this year as the foreshore fly is becoming more and more spectacular every year.  Looking forward to seeing you all there.





Kingston shells 2.jpg

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Not sure on our dates yet John, but we are booked in from 11th - 27th January. 

We've a collection of single liners steadily growing so it will be great to have those in the air - great for when it's no good to buggy!

Looking forwards to it!

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