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Elliot Heads and Woodgate- very nice

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I think the last time I had a holiday in Australia was the last time i went to Yeppoon the the EK guys and gals. A few years ago, 2012 I think.

I got away over New Year, went up to Hervey Bay to stay and look specifically for good flat water conditions that I could practice getting going on the foil board.

Thanks to some Seabreeze forum advice I had a couple of days at Elliot Heads and one day at Woodgate. I loved these two spots, especially Woodgate. The wind was crap for two of the three sessions, maybe 10-12 knots, but the Soul did itself proud and I was still able to practice my foil board starts and ride along, until inevitable I'd crash. Not enough wind for a twin tip or for any other LEI kiters to bother trying. The Soul saved my trip, otherwise it would have been a long way to travel and only get one decent session in.

You do have to time it right for the tides as the lagoons can get to shallow for the foil mast when tide is low.

Lovely spots to kite. If EK ever decided to organize some trip up that way for foiling about (pun intended), could be good fun.

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Hi Andy,

no I didn't taken any pictures unfortunately. I wish i had especially of Woodgate as it's very beautiful there.

Here's something from Google


Theodelite creek.jpg

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