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Rick Williams

foil kites for wave surfing on coast

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    • By Cheezycheese
      So I flew my 9m Chrono v2 ystrdy. Winds were upper teens/gusty and I treated her gingerly. Had some tip collapses which were no big deal. However the trim rope kept getting wrapped around my lines when I would spin the bar after looping the kite. I even ran it over at one point when sheeted in. I also had it jump out of cleat and fully power when unexpected. Any tips...?
      I will say this is very different from Arc flying. Much different animal, very fast, lotsa depower. A lot to get used to, but I can tell this thing is gonna be a hoot !!

    • By Kamikuza
      Axis aluminium kite foil, 90cm mast. Includes the carry bag and the travel covers.
      Great condition, some cosmetic scratches on the wings as can be seen in the photos.
      $850 ono

    • By .Joel
      March 2017: Introducing the Peter Lynn Aero....

      Peter Lynn Aero Videos...
      Pre 2017 Information:
      The new Depower Race Kite was spotted at No Barriers 2015 event in the UK.  In amongst a sea of kites with colours and graphics, what's the best way to hide your latest prototype?  Ahh yes, make it bland with no graphics and that won't have anyone asking any questions  
      Photo Credit: Scott Fryer, Action Shot of the Peter Lynn Depower Race Foil Kite

      Photo Credit: Theo Southee Photography